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Affiliate Links, Recommendations, and our Stance

NPCrowd does periodically include links for recommended products/services that are part of affiliate programs. This means that should you use the link and purchase the product or service within a certain period of time, we may earn a small commission. We also include paid ads from one or more ad networks. The ads are not recommendations and simply help support NPCrowd to keep the great resources coming.

Our goal is to help guide our nonprofit members through their nonprofit journey and find the right products and services. We do not recommend products or services based on an affiliate program. Instead, we tell you our recommendations straight up without any bias towards a commission.

So, why use affiliate links then? Well, frankly, there are growing expenses to keeping NPCrowd running to serve you. These small affiliate commissions, if any, help support our team in bringing you high-quality, relevant content, and tools.

If you wish to support NPCrowd financially, you can do so through our affiliate links, clicking ads of interest, or through paid business listings in our directory.

To maintain editorial integrity we work to the following guidelines:

  • We only recommend products and services we like.
  • We recommend many products and companies who we do not have an affiliate or ad relationship with. This means that you don’t need to advertise with us in order for us to recommend a product or service.
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  • We listen to feedback. If our readers tell us that a product or service we recommend is no longer good, we will review it again and potentially change how it is rated, even reconsidering our recommendation.