About Us

It’s often said that wisdom and power are in the crowd. We agree!

NPCrowd is your nonprofit resource peer network. A tool for diverse and independent voices to be brought together, so you find the best service providers and products for your 501(c)3.

How many times have you needed to find a new CRM, help on taxes, or an HR question? How about an executive coach or a construction company? Did you start asking around to find a lead on a possible candidate or company to help? Do they really understand how nonprofits work? What has been the experience of other nonprofits with this company?

Wow, is right!? We’ve been there, and now there is a better way.

As a member of NPCrowd, you have access to our powerful directory of vendors that other nonprofits have used, along with the power of reviews. You and other change agents like yourself share your wisdom by adding reviews about vendors you’ve used. Imagine the time savings by starting with high-quality vendors from the very beginning. Priceless!

“Diversity and independence are important because the best collective decisions are the product of disagreement and contest, not consensus or compromise.”

James Surowiecki
Tom Lucas – Principal

With over 20 years of experience in nonprofit, local government, and for-profit, I know the power of a peer network.

Hi! I’m Tom Lucas, founder of NPCrowd. My passion for building people up and building tools to support them drove the creation of NPCrowd.

We are compelled and committed to making sure you can focus on what you do best, changing the world. But you can’t do that alone.

We’ve created a powerful new addition to your nonprofit resource journey, NPCrowd. A free, peer review, nonprofit business partner directory. Let me encourage you to join today for free. Then share your experience with particular vendors by adding reviews. You’ll be investing in others like you while they, in turn, invest in you. Let us help guide your journey