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Leadership Styles for Nonprofit Organizations
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Leadership Styles for Nonprofit Organizations

Four Nonprofit Leadership Styles In general, there are four primary nonprofit leadership styles. Servant leadership, transformational leadership. transactional leadership, and charismatic leadership. The best organizations tend to exhibit both servant and transformational leadership. Let’s find out more. A Little Background…

What is a nonprofit consultant and when to use them
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What Is A Nonprofit Consultant And When Should You Use One

Nonprofit consultants are professionals who work for nonprofits. They help nonprofits by providing advice on a variety of topics including managing finances, strategy, fundraising, marketing, technology, and organizational design. Nonprofit consultants should not be mistaken for philanthropists or donors. These…

Nonprofit Operations

nonprofit fiscal sponsorship as a startup option
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Fiscal Sponsorship – The Overlooked Nonprofit Startup Option [Explained]

Are you thinking about starting a nonprofit organization? Have you considered all of your options? One option that you may not have considered is fiscal sponsorship. Fiscal sponsorship is when a charity (nonprofit) agrees to help oversee a new project…

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