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System Leadership - Collective Impact Tool For Nonprofits
Leadership | Strategy

The Building Blocks of System Leadership – A Powerful Impact Tool For Nonprofits

In this article, we’re going to describe system leadership and show you just what it takes and why your ability to do so may determine whether or not your collaboration with other organizations survives another year. In a 2015 SSIR…

Leadership Styles for Nonprofit Organizations
Leadership | Beginners Guide | Training

Leadership Styles for Nonprofit Organizations

Four Nonprofit Leadership Styles There are four primary nonprofit leadership styles. Servant leadership, transformational leadership. transactional leadership, and charismatic leadership. The best organizations tend to exhibit both servant and transformational leadership. Let’s find out more. A Little Background on Four…

What is a nonprofit consultant and when to use them
Strategy | Contracts | Fundraising | Leadership | Technology

What Is A Nonprofit Consultant And When Should You Use One

Nonprofit consultants are professionals who work for nonprofits. They help nonprofits by providing advice on a variety of topics including managing finances, strategy, fundraising, marketing, technology, and organizational design. Nonprofit consultants should not be mistaken for philanthropists or donors. These…

Nonprofit Operations

4 org chart options with guidance to use
Strategy | HR | Operations

Visualizing Your Organization: 4 Important Org Chart Types

Organizational structures establish the alignment of resources within an organization. Org charts help visually represent that structure. There are many types of organizational charts, but the most common for nonprofits is the hierarchical organizational chart. This article will provide examples…

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