Nonprofit Resource Engagement Articles

  • 13 Paid Nonprofit Job Titles and Descriptions
    If you are interested in working for a nonprofit, it’s helpful to understand the differences between nonprofits and find ways to translate your experience into a job with one. This article can help. From Executive Director to Program Manager, find out what you are a great fit for.
  • 9 Nonprofit Startup Myths [What Not To Believe]
    When starting a nonprofit, you’ll get advice from kind and well-meaning individuals. Unfortunately, some of the advice will include common nonprofit myths. Let’s take a few minutes to bust 9 nonprofit myths. Myths 8 and 9 might surprise you. 1. Nonprofits cannot make a profit Think about this. A nonprofit is a legal corporation. That’s…
  • Find A Nonprofit Job – Job Boards To Use [2022]
    Are you on the hunt for your first paid nonprofit job? Or perhaps you are looking for a change. Either way, this comprehensive list of nonprofit job boards will help you find lots of paid, nonprofit career roles that are right for you. We want your nonprofit job search to result in a good match….
  • 13 Financial Control Recommendations For Small Nonprofits
    All nonprofits need the following 13 minimum financial internal controls, regardless of size: segregation of duties, monthly bank statement reconciliation, enforce cash handling procedures, limit credit card use, record and review all income, control the disbursement process, monitor and validate expense reimbursements, provide regular financial reporting and review, manage payroll and timesheet controls, create and…
  • How Much Do Nonprofits Pay Employees
    Many people don’t realize that there are viable, paid careers in the nonprofit sector. In fact, you may be surprised at how much of a living wage some nonprofits provide for solid, mission-driven professionals with skills ready to deploy. We’ve collected data from Zip Recruiter, Indeed, ADP, and personal data sources to bring you some…