Nonprofit Resource Engagement Articles

  • Nonprofit Tech Stack: Non-IT Leader Beginner’s Guide
    Introduction The term “tech stack” can refer to the hardware, software, and tools that a business uses to function. For nonprofits, the term often encompasses the various software programs that help manage day-to-day operations, fundraising campaigns, and interactions with donors and volunteers. As a nonprofit leader, you may not have a background in information technology…
  • Nonprofits Can Benefit From Artificial Intelligence in Copywriting
    Artificial intelligence is making its way into all aspects of businesses, including the nonprofit sector. Many nonprofits can benefit from using AI in copywriting. AI can help create personalized content, target specific audiences, and improve donor retention rates. When it comes to copywriting, AI can be used to create more personalized content. By understanding a…
  • Email Should Die: The New Frontier Of Collaboration
    E-mail talk can both cause and make worse the problem of having too much e-mail, unstable requests, pressures to respond, and the delegation of tasks and shifting interactants.
  • Exploring The Statement of Activities: A Beginner’s Guide
    A nonprofit statement of activities is one of the key financial reports every leader should know how to read. We’ll explore this report in easy to understand terms without you needing a finance degree.
  • Nonprofit Financial Management Essentials: No BS Beginners Guide
    Skip the B.S. This guide will walk you through the basics of nonprofit financial management so that you can make informed decisions about your organization’s future.