Nonprofit Resource Engagement Articles

  • Crush Your Nonprofit Project Management: More Than Just a Methodology
    Unlock the power of effective project management in your nonprofit. Explore tools, best practices, and unconventional approaches to maximize impact and transform your mission into action. Start your journey towards mastering nonprofit project management today!
  • Top 5 Nonprofit Marketing and Branding Books and Why
    Nonprofit leaders know the importance of effective communication in achieving their missions. This article highlights five of the best books that offer insights into nonprofit marketing and branding. Each of these books has its unique perspective and value, providing leaders with actionable strategies and practical advice. 1. Do More Good: Moving Nonprofits from Good to … Read more
  • Nonprofit Strategic Planning: A Simplified Step-by-Step Guide
    Discover the power of operating reserves in ensuring a nonprofit’s financial resilience. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the benefits of maintaining healthy reserves, real-life impacts during challenging times, and practical tips on building and maintaining operating reserves. Learn how to calculate the recommended operating reserve ratio and the importance of robust financial planning for your nonprofit’s longevity.
  • Matrix Mapping for Nonprofits: Achieving More by Doing Less
    Nonprofit organizations are tasked with the significant challenge of pursuing their missions while maintaining financial stability. Often, the pressure to do more with less can lead to unfocused efforts and limited results. In these situations, a powerful tool called a matrix map can come to the rescue. Matrix mapping is a visual tool introduced by … Read more
  • The 4 P’s for Nonprofits: A Comprehensive Overview
    The 4 P’s marketing model, traditionally used in businesses – product, price, promotion, and place – finds its unique interpretation in the nonprofit sector. Here, the “4 P’s” stand for product, price, promotion, and people. These elements, when strategically considered, can make a significant difference in how nonprofits operate, attract support, and achieve their goals. … Read more