How To Add Custom Object Tab in Salesforce

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What are custom object tabs? Custom Object Tabs are a way for you to add your own objects, fields, and layout onto the Salesforce app interface.

They behave just like any other tab in Salesforce with one exception: they’re completely customizable. The Report Sender Plus app from the App Exchange is an example of a custom application but does not come with any way to change the report schedule owner.

This article will show you how to add this very useful feature to your org!

Shot and sweet. Let’s go!

How To Enable A Custom Object Tab In Salesforce

  1. Go to Setup in Salesforce.
  2. In the QuickFind box, type tabs and select the Tabs menu option.
  3. Click the New button to create a new Tab.
  4. Select the custom object you wish to enable the tab for. [Report Schedules]
  5. Click the Tab Style lookup icon which will bring up the Tab Style Selector window.
  6. Click the Tab Style you wish to use. (You can always change this later) [We used the Stopwatch]
  7. Enter a Description of the tab. [Allows for the administration of Report Sender Plus report schedules, including the ability to change the owner of a Report schedule]
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select the user profiles that will have access to the new custom tab. [Select All]
  10. Now, identify the custom apps that should show the custom tab. [Only select “Report Sender (analyticsengine__Analytics_Delivery_Engine_Classic)”]
  11. Be sure that Append tab to users’ existing personal customizations is checked.
  12. Click Save.

Now, remember that these are the steps for any custom object. In square brackets above we are specific to the Report Schedule object as part of implementing Report Sender Plus as a replacement to Conga Courier in Salesforce.

Related Questions

Why is my custom object tab not showing in Salesforce? The tab may not be enabled for the Profile of the user. Go to the User’s profile and change the tab to Default On. Be sure to make sure Object permission checkboxes are checked for the profile.

What is a custom object tab in Salesforce? Custom tabs allow you to include custom object data in Salesforce. The assigned layout may allow for object editing and administration depending on permissions to the object. A custom tab is a tab that you add to an application in Salesforce Classic. When you create a custom tab in Lightning Experience, it appears as an item in the app’s navigation bar and App Launcher.

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