40 Infographic and Diagramming Tools for Nonprofits

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Infographics are everywhere. Whether you are a nonprofit or a small business, you can’t deny that infographics are a hot item. Used the right way, they can help tell compelling stories to generate interest or action on topics, for fundraising or organizational mission awareness. We have gathered 40 resources from around the web to help you in creating infographics or displaying compelling data in interesting ways.

One great use of diagramming tools is creating an org chart after you’ve established an organizational structure.

Infographic Tools / Services

  1. Canva – Online graphic design tool with lots of premade templates. Infographic templates are included. Check out the nonprofit discount available.
  2. Infogr.am – Online tool to create stunning infographics. Free accounts can be used on up to 10 projects.
  3. Inkscape – Free desktop vector graphics design software. Can be used for putting together infographics. This may feel similar to Adobe Illustrator or Sketch.
  4. Visualize Free – By Inetsoft. Online data visualization and storytelling tool. Upload your data, visualize it, and then share it.
  5. Visual.ly –  Quickly and easily have quality infographic designs created by professionals with your own data for a fixed fee. If DIY is not your thing, try this.

Create Diagrams

  1. Cacoo– Online diagram creation and collaboration tool. Free account allows up to 6 sheets and PNG exports.
  2. Creately – Online diagramming creation tool. Free account allows for 3 documents.
  3. Balsamiq – Online or desktop Mockup/Website wireframe tool.
  4. Gliffy – Online diagram creation tool

Text Analysis / Graphic Display

  1. EdWordle – Text analysis and display. Create word clouds.
  2. Tagxedo – Online text display tools
  3. WordArt – Word cloud art creator. Turn your word list into art with shapes.
  4. WordClouds – Another word cloud creation tool. Used shapes and masks.

Make Your Own Charts and Graphs

  1. Hohli Charts – Online chart creation tool using Google Charts. Bar/line/ diagrams and more. Ad supported
  2. Gephi – Desktop data analysis and visualization studio
  3. Google Public Data – Existing or upload datasets and explorer with visualization tools
  4. GapMinder – Desktop application for analyzing and visualizing statistical data
  5. Chartle – Simple and interactive online charts tool
  6. Tableau – Desktop visualization toolbox
  7. Canva – Online design tool with the ability to create simple charts and graphs.

Maps and Geospatial Visuals

  1. StatPlanet – Interactive map maker in free and commercial versions. Part of StatSilk
  2. StatWorld – Interactive online data map creator. Part of StatSilk.
  3. Google Public Data – Existing or upload datasets and explorer with visualization tools
  4. GapMinder – Desktop application for analyzing and visualizing statistical data
  5. Gunn Map 2 – Online map data display tool
  6. Bubbl.us – Online Mind mapping tool

Infographic Templates

  1. Advanced Infographic Charts and Templates
  2. Infographic Elements – By CiloArt
  3. World Infographic Elements – From GraphicRiver
  4. Periodic Table of X – Here\’s an example of how this can be used.
  5. Infographic template and charts V5 – By Cursive Q Designs
  6. Free Vector Infographic Kit – Nathan Brown
  7. Infographic elements + template – By Cursive Q Designs

Visual Data Presentation Tutorials and Resources

  1. Nicholas Felton Guides us through worlds of data – [Video]
  2. Infographr – Great tumblr account wich new infographic examples posted frequently
  3. Daily Infographic – A new infographic daily for inspiration
  4. Visualizing.org – A community and gallery of infographics and data visualizations
  5. How to create outstanding modern infographics
  6. Visual Journalism – 80% of the news in infographics
  7. StrangeMaps – Cartographic curiosities for inspiration

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