Ultimate List Of Nonprofit Software Discounts: 2023 Update

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When you sign up for a new service or buy a product, don’t forget to ask about nonprofit discounts.

Many companies are happy to discount their prices on qualifying nonprofits–including software and services! To help out with your next purchase, we’ve compiled this useful list of 80+ not-to-miss discounted items that will make it easier on both the charity AND you in one swoop.

Ultimate list of nonprofit discounts you will want to use today

CRM, Case Management, and HelpDesk

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – Your first 10 subscriptions are free as part of the Power of Us Program. Note that there has been concern over religious nonprofits given the founder’s remarks over the last few years.
  • FreshDesk – This is a great case tracking tool that is great for customer service or request management. The FreshDesk nonprofit discount requires you to reach out to them and learn more. Do it!
  • Zoho – This is a bunch of tools under a single umbrella name, including a powerful CRM. Definitely do your research before taking the plunge but they do offer a nonprofit discount. You’ll need to email them to find out more.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Microsofts newest version of dynamics is well suited for nonprofits. Check out this Heller Consulting post for details. The discounted nonprofit pricing is on the linked page.
  • HubSpot – HubSpot is a CRM with a ton of marketing automation and lead generation functionality. However, it’s not super well suited for some nonprofit needs without a lot of help. Contact them to get their nonprofit discounted pricing.
  • Report Sender Plus – App Exchange product for Salesforce that allows for the scheduling and email distribution of Salesforce reports outside of Salesforce user accounts. Great replacement for Conga Courier.
  • Help Scout – Nonprofits and other do-gooders are offered a 10% discount on their customer support suite of tools.

Collaboration, File Storage, And Productivity Suites

  • Microsoft Office 365 – There are a variety of plans depending on your organization’s size. If you need the Microsoft Office tools, there is nonprofit discount pricing for those plans as well. Licenses range from $0 – $14.00/month per user.
  • Google Workspace – Formerly G-Suite for Nonprofits, you can get a great nonprofit discount for a full suite of collaboration tools. Prices range from $0 – $8.00/month per user.
  • Dropbox – For qualifying educational and 501(c)3 organizations, this is a Dropbox nonprofit discount for their Business plan.
  • Tresorit – Tresorit is the ultra-secure place in the cloud to store, sync, and share files within your organization and with external partners. Nonprofits receive a 50% discount.
  • Miro – This innovative collaborative whiteboarding solution is perfect for remote participants. The Miro nonprofit discount is 30% off their regular price.

Project and Task Management

While you review the nonprofit software discounts available, be sure to pick the best tool for you. We have more detail in our Best project management tools for nonprofits article.

  • ClickUp – One of our preferred tools, they will provide a ClickUp nonprofit discount and even work with organizations based upon their size and budget. Top-notch folks!
  • Basecamp – This is a perennial tool in the project management space. If you are sold on Basecamp, you will be glad to get the 10% discount for qualifying nonprofits.
  • Monday.com – Another great tool. Be sure to review it even against the others on our list. They offer a nonprofit discount on annual paid plans. There’s already an 18% discount for going annual versus monthly.
  • Asana – This discount is available through TechSoup and applies to Asana Premium or Business, 1-Year Subscriptions.
  • Trello – As a registered non-profit, you’re eligible for a 75% discount on Trello Business Class and Enterprise subscription plans.
  • AirTable – They offer 50% off Plus or Pro plans for qualifying organizations.
  • ToDoist – This is a 50% off ToDoist nonprofit discount. Fill out the application and hear back within 10 days.

Writing and Note Taking

  • Evernote – This is for Evernote Business which is available to all qualifying non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations, and educational institutions at a discounted rate.
  • Grammarly – Confession time, we pay for Grammarly because it is helpful since I did not major in English. Did you know your nonprofit could score a free business account? Whoa! Check it out.
  • Slab – You can create an internal knowledge base that allows everyone to find the “right” answer when it counts. Nonprofits can get a Slab Starter account for free or 50% off a business plan.

Communication and Conferencing

While you’re looking, there are additional options for tools to help when working remotely.

  • Slack – Once approved, the Standard Plan is free with less than 250 members and 85% off for larger organizations. Sadly, churches and religious nonprofits can forget trying to get this discount. You don’t qualify.
  • Zoom – This offer is via TechSoup and offers a 50% discount on Zoom Pro and Business Plans.
  • Twist – Similar to Slack, although maybe we are not supposed to say that. But really, it’s a great tool. Try it out and for nonprofits, you can get 50% of their regular price.
  • GoToMeeting – Another long-standing tool in the video conferencing space. There is the free version with some limitations and for more features and fewer limitations, you can get discounted licenses via TechSoup when in stock.

Automation, AI, and Integration

Freeing up more hours in your day sounds awesome. These automation tools can help. Don’t forget to check out some ideas about how to use these automation tools.

  • Zapier – This automation tool is a key tool to increasing productivity. They offer a Zapier nonprofit discount of 15% off any plan.
  • Automate.io – Another automation platform that we understand has provided some nonprofits with a discount. We have not used them ourselves yet but, give them a shout and see what they will do.
  • Chatfuel – Notion is providing a Chatfuel nonprofit discount which doubles the number of users for your chatbot.
  • IFTTT – Hey, the standard IFTTT account is FREE. It has limitations but hey, free automation is fantastic, just like a plate of crawfish, corn, and potatoes.

HR, Recruiting, and Applicant Tracking

  • LinkedIn for Nonprofits – The regular plan pricing for LinkedIn is steep. However, there is a LinkedIn nonprofit discount that offers a significant break on pricing. Recruit, source candidates, post job ads and have access to key metric data at a reasonable price.
  • JazzHR – This recruiting and applicant tracking solution is one to take a look at. They offer a nonprofit discount, but you’ll need to contact them to get the details.
  • Bullhorn – Enjoy a nonprofit discount from BullHorn on their applicant tracking, onboarding, time, and expenses tools.
  • Timetastic – Thanks to a great 50% discount, Timetastic allows your team to easily track time off and absences without the need for paper. Super helpful for ensuring coverage of program areas. Timetastic is more than just a streamlined way to book time off work – it’s a better way of getting to grips with staff absence.

Accounting, Financial, and Donation Platforms

  • QuickBooks – Whether desktop or online, TechSoup offers a number of QuickBooks nonprofit discounts for you to choose from if you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Xero – As an alternative to QuickBooks, you can receive the Xero nonprofit discount of 25% when you sign up for Xero as your accounting system.
  • PayPal – Did you know you can receive a PayPal nonprofit discount rate for transactions? As of this writing, their discounted fee is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction with $0 monthly fees.
  • Stripe – Similarly, the Stripe nonprofit discount will get you reduced transaction fees.
  • Shopify – To get the discount, sign-up for the 90-day trial and then get in touch with a Shopify expert. The Shopify nonprofit discount will get you a reduced rate.
  • Abacus – Abacus expense management by Emburse supports the good work of nonprofits. 2023 note: They had a 10 free users for nonprofits deal. We can no longer find documentation of this nor received a response from Emburse to verify.
  • Divvy – Nonprofit expense management. Qualified nonprofits will receive an unspecified discount. Give them a shout to learn the details. 2022 Update: We’ve added some details about our experience in this Expensify Alternatives post.

Learn about 9 more discounted resources you might be able to use right away in our recent article.

Surveys and Forms

  • TypeForm – Survey and form tools are powerful tools in your arsenal. The TypeForm nonprofit discount gets you 25% off monthly plans and 40% off annual plans.
  • JotForm – 50% off any plan price is what you’ll get with the JotForm nonprofit discount.
  • SurveyMonkey – Whether it is a satisfaction survey, volunteer sign-up form, or staff engagement survey, use your SurveyMonkey nonprofit discount plan to level up your game.
  • Gravity Forms – If your website runs on WordPress, Gravity Forms is a great form generation and management tool. Just be aware that the discount is for the first year only. Subsequent years are at full price.
  • Wufoo – A key tool for many, Wufoo provides a 50% discount to nonprofits.
  • FormStack – Collect donor, program, staff, and volunteer information. How about event registration? Use your 25% FormStack nonprofit discount to make it happen.
  • Alchemer – Formerly SurveyGizmo, this excellent tool is now available to nonprofits with a 25% discount.
  • WP Forms – Another WordPress forms plugin that allows for donations, surveys, and form collections via your WordPress website. The WPForms Nonprofit Discount gives qualified nonprofit organizations a significant discount on WPForms Pro at $99/year — 75% off normal pricing!
  • FormAssembly – This powerful web form tool is a solid choice. They offer a 20% nonprofit discount if you choose to use them.

Events / Streaming

  • Hopin – All-in-one event management platform for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. They offer an unspecified discount to qualifying nonprofits. We’ve used Hopin, along with a production company, to do a number of virtual and hybrid events and really like the streaming capabilities. (GoFundeMe integration is a thing!)

Advertising and Marketing

  • LeadPost – Website visitor retargeting platform. 25% nonprofit discount. See who’s visiting your website – even if they don’t fill out a form! With just one line of code, LeadPost can give you names, contact information, and more.
  • Google Ads Grant – Don’t forget to use this significant grant. $10,000 per month in Google Ads free advertising. Yes, there are limitations and a host of rules to follow but that’s $120,000 in FREE online advertising budget you don’t have to do fundraising for.
  • Mailchimp – Email marketing is made simple with the recently updated Mailchimp nonprofit discount. This gets you 15% off any paid plans.
  • Constant Contact – This long-standing email marketing platform will provide nonprofits a discount when paying upfront. A nonprofit organization can receive a 20% discount off standard pricing when prepaying for 6 months or a 30% discount when prepaying for 12 months. There is no discount when you pay monthly.
  • ActiveCampaign – This fantastic platform provides the ActiveCampaign nonprofit discount which will get you 20% off the regular price.
  • Emma – Not as well known as other names, Emma is a strong email marketing platform with a variable rate discount for nonprofits. In order to access the discount, contact Emma directly in order to talk to a representative – they need information about your organization size and software needs in order to get a pricing quote to you.
  • AWeber – Yes, you can find the AWeber nonprofit discount which grants 3 months free plus 25% off after that. Did you know they offer student discounts as well?
  • Vertical Response – With a 15% discount on monthly plans, the Vertical Response nonprofit discount can bring value.
  • SendGrid – For reliable mass email delivery, SendGrid has you covered with a 15% discount on their services. You’ll need to reach out to sales to enjoy the discount.
  • Campaign Monitor – Eligible 501(c)3 organizations get a 15% discount on Campaign Monitor plans.
  • BeeFree – Collaboration when it comes to email marketing is key. Use BeeFree for fundraising in incredible ways. They offer a nonprofit discount which includes free Teams and Freelancer plans and 50% off business plans.
  • MadMimi – Newsletters are still useful. MadMimi does this well and offers a 20% discount for nonprofits. Email them to see if you qualify.
  • CoSchedule – Get your entire marketing team on the same page with CoSchedule. They offer a 30% discount to nonprofits.

Social Media Tools

  • HootSuite – A whopping 50% HootSuite nonprofit discount awaits you. Wow!
  • Buffer – To help manage your social media channels there is the Buffer nonprofit discount good for 50% regular price.
  • BuzzSumo – If you are leveraging content marketing, try the BuzzSumo nonprofit discount. They don’t say exactly what the details are and we haven’t used them yet, but give them a try and let us know.
  • Later – If Instagram is where you’re focused, the Later nonprofit discount provides a 50% discount on all plans. If your nonprofit is fighting racism, they’ll give you a 100% discount.
  • MavSocial – Now, honestly we have yet to review MavSocial but have read some really good things about them. We just learned that they love nonprofits and provide a 50% discount as well. Let us know if you use them.
  • Publer.io – Currently, this is what we use. Got a lifetime deal and they keep adding features. This will hit all your nonprofit social media posting needs.
  • Sendible – Your social media strategy needs to go beyond publishing. Implement your social listening plan using Sendible. Nonprofits get a 25% discount.
  • LinkTree – The one link you’ll ever need for your social media channels. The LinkTree nonprofit discount gets you a free LinkTree Pro account if you qualify.
  • Loomly – Your all-in-one social media platform offers a 50% discount to nonprofits. Definitely worth a look.
  • Social Pilot – We love the publishing combined with social listening of Social Pilot. They do offer a nonprofit discount which requires you to drop an email to their support team.

Graphics, Photo, and Video

  • Canva – Come on! Who isn’t a fan of Canva in some way? The Canva nonprofit discount gets you Canva Pro for FREE! Apply today.
  • Adobe Creative Suite – If you need more full-featured photo, image, and video editing tools, Adobe has a nonprofit program for the Creative Suite. There’s a long list of included and excluded nonprofit organization types. Read up and follow their steps.
  • Crowdspring – Source creatives to achieve your new logo or web design at a discounted rate. This is more than a discounted rate. It is a project engagement where they will help your nonprofit navigate if you are accepted into their Give Back program.
  • 99Designs – Get professional creative work done fast. Nonprofits can apply for $500 of platform credits to use.
  • Animoto – Need to create an explainer video, video ad, or other short videos, the Animoto nonprofit discount is the way to go. If your organization is working to end system racism, your cost could be $0.
  • Infogram – Telling powerful stories with data is beautiful and effective. Sign up and talk to the team about their Infogram nonprofit discount.
  • PiktoChart – Another option to tell stories and create presentations with heavy visuals and data. This is a massive discount of over 90% off regular prices.

Analytics, Tracking, and SEO

  • HotJar – Take a peek at your online visitors’ behavior and improve your engagement. Get a free HotJar business account for your nonprofit.
  • Moz – If you are doing highly optimized SEO content strategy work, the Moz nonprofit discount may be very useful. Moz offers a 75% discount to nonprofits.
  • Wingify VWO – Heatmaps, analytics, and A/B testing are available to you with this nonprofit plan.

Legal, Risk, and Compliance

  • LegalZoom – The nonprofit discount rate varies by state. We always advise using a lawyer for these things but, if you want to go the LegalZoom route, you can get a discount.

Nonprofit discounts for Geeks

  • GitHub – If you need GitHub with your work in a nonprofit, we LOVE you! We kind of geek out about writing code. Did you know that you can have those private repositories and other features with a GitHub for Good nonprofit discount?
  • TeamViewer – Need that remote access solution? TeamViewer offers discounts for qualifying nonprofits.
  • Cazoomi SyncApps – Sync and move your data between platforms. A 50% discount awaits qualifying nonprofits.
  • Atlassian – Think of tools like Jira, BitBucket, Confluence, and now, Trello. Atlassian offers free community licenses to nonprofits. Note that they specifically exclude religious, government, and academic organizations.

Our Picks, Top 5 Best Nonprofit Discounts

We’ve reviewed all the best nonprofit discounts on our list.

#1 – Microsoft Office 365 OR Google Workplace

Discount: FREE

No fanboys or fangirls here. The bottom line is that you need email, online document storage, file sharing, document collaboration, and instant messaging or video conferencing.

Whether you choose Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workplace as the key infrastructure for communication, you can’t go wrong with free for these equally great services.

Plus, don’t forget you get Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams to use for video conferencing. No 3rd party tools are required at an additional fee. Now, in my opinion, Teams is far better than Google Meet (Hangouts) and is almost as good as Zoom.

There is one case that we recommend Microsoft Office 365 over Google Workplace. If you need to centrally manage a number of Windows devices and have other Windows environment infrastructure, there are advantages to the higher-end Office 365 plans including Active Directory.

#2 – ClickUp – One app to rule them all

Discount: Varies – 35% – Talk to them

We made ClickUp our number 2 pick because, well, it’s just awesome. Like you and your team, ClickUp wears a lot of hats. What may look like a complicated task and project management tool is actually so much more.

One of our members using ClickUp since 2018 is paying $3.25/user per month for the Ultimate plan when invoicing annually. That’s a 35% discount. What’s cool is they are open to working with organizations, within reason. Thanks to them.

#3 – Zoom for the win

Discount: 50% off

If you’ve not been hiding under a rock, video conferencing has become a needed commodity. Zoom, despite early security concerns, is dominating the pandemic video conferencing from the home need.

It’s a good thing Zoom loves nonprofits and offers a whopping 50% discount. This Zoom nonprofit discount applies to the Pro and Business plans. The licenses are offered through TechSoup, so be sure to check out the details.

#4 – LinkedIn for nonprofits

Discount: Up to 50% off

At some point, you need to fill open positions or recruit for new positions. Word of mouth will get you just so far. Indeed ads flood your inbox with candidates that may not be at all aligned to the values of your organization.

Take advantage of the professional career network LinkedIn’s nonprofit discount. You will be able to place high-quality job ads with more intentional candidate applications. Heck, you even get to use their talent discovery tools to find candidates you want to invite for a conversation.

#5 – Canva makes it too easy

Discount: FREE

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to look good. Canva makes it easy to create properly sized social media images, ads, and videos. Need to create a print piece on a tight budget? Take a look at Canva.

If you qualify, Canva Pro is available at the nonprofit price of free! I mean, they love supporting nonprofits in this way.

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